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  • Symphony No. 9 in D minor
  • mc000432


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  • OC 12/10-12 Handwritten letter from Halm to Schenker dated dated February 1–6, 1924

    Halm offers to send two of his books in return for Schenker's Opp. 109, 110, 111; he discusses the role of improvisation in his own music; he seeks "corporeality" in music, and its absence in Brahms troubles him; argues the case for Bruckner; asks Schenker to choose a passage exhibiting non-genius in his or Oppel's music and discuss it in Der Tonwille.

  • DLA 69.930/12 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Halm, dated April 3‒4, 1924

    In response to matters raised by Halm in two previous letters, Schenker discusses figuration, distinguishing between that which works only on the surface and that which arises out of the middle and background, drawing on primal intervals. He also concedes that he heard Bruckner improvising, and criticizes it adversely. He refers to Reger, and outlines plans for forthcoming volumes of Der Tonwille.

  • OJ 13/25, [5] Typewritten letter from Rinn to Schenker, dated March 7, 1929

    Rinn apologizes for the small format in which the autograph of Schubert's minuet was reproduced for Schenker's article "Eine Rettung der klassischen Musik-Texte." He has publicized the work, and intends to send copies of it to university music departments and inform other newspapers and journals of it. He expresses thanks for the efforts that Schenker made in contributing to Der Kunstwart, and for his remarks on Bruckner's Ninth Symphony.