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Austrian musicologist.

Career Summary

Wilhelm Fischer studied with Guido Adler, became an Assistant at the Musikhistorisches Institut of Vienna University in 1912, Privatdozent in 1915, Professor in 1923, then in 1928 Professor of Music at Innsbruck University.

Fischer and Schenker

Fischer appears several times in Schenker’s diary, initially in 1918 recommending a Fräulein Alter to Schenker as a potential pupil, and also being mentioned by a pupil in connection with Adler’s Seminar. On November 20, 1925 and January 5, 1926 Schenker reports having listened to two radio talks on early keyboard music by Fischer; in March 1926 Schenker was invited to a lecture by him, and a month later to a historical concert. No correspondence is known to survive.


  • Oesterreichisches Musiklexikon


  • Marko Deisinger