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The most influential musicologist in Vienna of Schenker's day.

Career Summary

Adler was co-founder of the Vierteljarhsschrift für Musikwissenschaft in 1884 and editor for ten years, directed the Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich 1894-1938, appointed full Professor of Musicology (Musikwissenschaftlicher Ordinarius) at Vienna University 1898-1927 and founder of the Musikhistorisches Institut (Music-Historical Institute) in the University. He taught generations of musicologists and composers, including several of Schenker's own pupils, and is regarded by many as the "father" of modern musicology.

Adler and Schenker

Schenker was at first on good terms with Adler, but an estrangement took place around 1913, fueled perhaps in part by Hans Weisse's accounts of Adler's seminars in 1914-15, which included the claim that Adler proscribed Schenker's publications from the library of the Seminar (Federhofer, p. 51). In December 1916, Schenker declined a place on the jury of the Rothschild Artists' Foundation, probably because he did not wish to serve alongside Adler.


Correspondence from Schenker to Adler survives as OJ 5/3 (1 item, 1927), and that from Adler to Schenker as OJ 9/3 (6 items, 1901–02, relating to the Vienna chapter of the Internationale Musikgesellschaft, and 1926–27, relating to the 1927 Beethoven centenary celebrations) and UG 32/5 (2 items, 1914 and 1933).


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