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Pupil of Schenker’s in spring of 1924.

Miss Leibl came to Schenker‘s attention with a recommendation from Evelina Pairamall. The connection began inauspiciously: Miss Elias shows us the letter from Marianne Leibl addressed to Miss Kahn. The case is becoming peculiar, inasmuch as the lady actually has a recommendation from Mrs. Pairamall, and so could have dispensed with a second recommendation. The question of the fee seems to be decisive. Noticeable at any rate is the tactlessness with which she, coming from a Mrs. Langhan (in Munich) countenances first making sure what kind of instruction it is before she will come to me. Through Miss Elias I have assigned Miss Kahn not to be plaintive but, in a manner consistent with her own dignity, to give the lady the brush-off. (Schenker’s diary, February 12, 1924)

“Mrs. Langhan,” Anna Hirzl-Langenhan, was a former pupil of Leschetizky, from whom Leibl had previously had lessons. Leibl started with Schenker in March 1924 and continued, with a gap between mid-April and mid-May, through to June. In November 1924 a dispute arose between Mrs. Pairamall and the pianist and teacher Eduard Schütt over Miss Leibl (diary, November 6, 1924), as a result of which the lessonbook for 1924/25 shows no signs of her having resumed lessons in the October.

A Marianne Leibl (1871–1942) was transported from Vienna to Theresienstadt (Terezín) (transport IV/4, no. 502) and from there to Treblinka on September 21, 1942 (Bp, no. 1551), where she perished. No identity between the two women can be established.



  • Ian Bent

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