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German antiquarian music dealer.

Career Summary

Liepmannssohn started as an apprentice to A. Asher & Co. in Berlin, then founded a company in Paris in 1866 under the name of Liepmannssohn & Dufour, then one in Berlin in 1874; he sold this latter firm to Otto Haas in 1903, but Haas retained the Liepmannssohn name until 1936. He was the leading dealer of his time in musical materials and autographs.

Liepmannssohn and Schenker

Schenker had dealings with Liepmannssohn particularly while preparing Die letzten fünf Sonaten von Beethoven between 1912 and the latter's death in 1915, notably over the "original editions" of the Beethoven piano sonata Opp. 110 and 111.

Correspondence with Schenker

One letter from Liepmannssohn to Schenker survives as OC B/279 (1913).


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  • NGDM2 (2001 and online)
  • MGG1

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