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Josefine, daughter of Salomon Samuel Bloch and Bertha Bloch, wife of Dr. Eduard Violin, hence sister-in-law to Moriz Violin. Josefine and Eduard had two children: Karl (born January 12, 1906) and Hildegard (Hilda) (born May, 23, 1909).

Josefine Violin and Heinrich Schenker

One notecard from her to Ludwig Karpath, which he forwarded to Schenker, survives, OC 18/45, January 23, 1933, which Schenker received on the 25th,reporting the death of Karl Violin. However, Schenker had already received the news from her direct on January 23: "From Fini Violin (letter): at Floriz's request, she reports little Karli's passing!").


  • Announcement of Eduard Violin's death, in: Neue Freie Presse, No. 21715, February 26, 1925, morning edition, p. 20
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  • Marko Deisinger

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