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Son of Moriz and Valerie Violin. Karl had a sister, Genovefa.

Life summary

Prone to illness in childhood, Karl Violin became seriously ill in September 1922 and was bedridden for months (OJ 14/45, [16]). His illnesses and general well-being were a frequent topic of his father's letters to Schenker, and the latter often inquired after him. He died aged 20.


Letters from Karl Violin to Heinrich Schenker exist as OJ 14/46, [B] and [C], both undated and filed with the Fanny Violin correspondence. Schenker's diary records receipt of letters from him, and responses. Schenker wrote a letter of condolence over his death to Moriz and Valerie, but it is undated (OJ 6/8, [21]). The date can be determined within a week, because Josefine Violin (wife of Eduard Violin) wrote to Ludwig Karpath (OJ 18/45) on January 23, 1933: "At the request of my brother-in-law, Moriz Violin in Hamburg, I take the liberty of conveying to you the sad news that his son Karl has passed away in the last week."

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