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Society for the purification and cultivation of the German language, established in 1885 by the art historian and museum director Hermann Riegel. The DSV’s stated objectives were: 1. to promote the purification of the German language [and rid it] of unnecessary foreign components, – 2. to cultivate the preservation and restoration of the true spirit and essential nature of the German language, and 3. to strengthen general national consciousness in the German people by this means.

The DSV had many critics, and fell foul of the Hitler regime, its activities being limited by the latter from 1940 on, and the journal ceasing publication in 1943. It was refounded in 1947 as the Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache.

The Society and Schenker

Schenker is presumed to have been sympathetic to its aims from the fact that in 1927 and 1928 he sent postcards to Felix-Eberhard von Cube with the DSV's emblem (the double eagle) and panel of stated objectives, which reads: The German Language Society, founded in 1885, numbers 40,000 members and 285 local chapters. It is dedicated to protecting and cultivating the German language, to inspiring love for it, to preserving its purity and beauty, to deepening the understanding of it, to sharpening the feeling for language and thereby to serving the German people and the German future. The annual subscription is [blank] Marks. For that, members receive the journal. The German Language Society is not a learned society. It is intended for all Germans who love their rich, beautiful mother tongue, men and women, scholars and non-scholars. The sister societies accept applications, for individual members the office of the German Language Society is Berlin W 30, Nollendorfstraße 13/14; postal check office Berlin No. 20894. (vC11, Sept 27, 1927; vC18, June 9, 1928)

Postcards with the DSV emblem and stated objectives are:

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