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Name given from 1892 to what had been since 1846 the Königliche Musikschule in Munich. This was perhaps an appointment that Schenker's pupil Otto Vrieslander, who lived in Munich from 1904 to 1924, attempted to engineer. There is much in Schenker's correspondence and diaries around 1918–19 concerning the possibility of emigration to Germany in order to teach in Munich, probably at the Akademie der Tonkunst, e.g.: "By the time I am finished with [Op. 101] I hope to know for certain whether I am going to Munich, in what capacity, whether I shall be giving lectures there at the Academy or elsewhere ..." (WSLB 310, Dec 17, 1919).

Federhofer has nothing about this plan in the section on Vrieslander in Heinrich Schenker nach Tagebüchern und Briefen … (Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1985) , pp.213-16.


  • Ian Bent

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