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Russian writer on music.

Russian official and writer on music of German descent, student of Liszt and Moscheles. Lenz was the first to attempt sustained analyses of all thirty-two piano sonatas of Beethoven in his book Beethoven et ses trois styles (St. Petersburg: Bernard, 1852; Brussels: Stapleaux, 1854; Paris: Lavinié, 1855; reprint New York: Da Capo Press, 1980; Paris: Legouix, 1909), later translated into German and extended as Beethoven: eine Kunststudie, 5 vols (Kassel: Balde, 1855). He also wrote Die grossen Pianoforte-Virtuosen unserer Zeit aus persönlicher Bekanntschaft: Liszt, Chopin, Tausig, Hensel (Berlin: Bock, 1872; Eng. transl., New York: G. Schirmer, 1899).


  • Ian Bent