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German writer on music, critic, and theorist.

Louis lived in Munich from 1897 to his death in 1914, where from 1900 he was concert critic for the Münchner Neueste Nachrichten .

Louis wrote books on Wagner (1897, 1898), Liszt (1900), Berlioz (1904), Pfitzner (1904), Bruckner (1904), and German contemporary music (1909). He was also joint author with Ludwig Thuille of their influential and widely used Harmonielehre (Stuttgart: Carl Grüninger Nachf., 1907, 2/1908, 3/1910, 10/1933), which adopted a middle position between Riemannian functionalism and Viennese thoroughbass. With Thuille's death in 1907, Louis was left to defend the Harmonielehre against charges by Hugo Riemann of derivativeness, in the process of which he wrote Grundriß der Harmonielehre (1908) and several other works.


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  • See also: Wason, Robert W., Viennese Harmonic Theory from Albrechtsberger to Schenker and Schoenberg (Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Press, 1984), pp. 116-19, 121-32


  • Marko Deisinger

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