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  • Johann Nestroy


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  • OJ 12/6, [30] Handwritten letter from Jonas to Schenker, dated March 16, 1934

    Jonas has mailed off the book [to his publisher]; he hopes that Schenker will approve of it [when eventually he sees it]. It comprises four chapters and two appendices. — He thanks Schenker for the gift of his Syrian Dances. — The Director of the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin, Fritz Stein, has written that he cannot arrange a position for Jonas, whereas Jonas (with support from Furtwängler) had sought only students to whom to give [private] lessons. — Jonas alludes to difficult conditions under which he is working, and describes his conflict with piano teacher Georg Bertram. — Relations with van Hoboken are strained, despite Jonas's having included an appendix about the Photogrammarchiv in his book.