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Those members of the Oppel family who were, frequently or occasionally, in touch with Heinrich Schenker, included:

  • Oppel, Reinhard, briefly a pupil of Schenker's, in contact with Schenker from 1913 to the latter's death in 1935, and thereafter with Jeanette Schenker until 1939
  • Oppel, Walter, son of Reinhard
  • Oppel, Ulrich, son of Reinhard.

Reinhard, Ulrich, and Walter Oppel visited the Schenkers in their summer vacation home of Galtür from July 27 to August 5, 1929 (Schenker's diary).

Oppel was married four times. His wives were:

  • 1. Käthe Brebeck (1884-1955), married 1906, divorced 1910
  • 2. Gertrud Bandelow (1881-1925)
  • 3. Käthe Eggeling (1892-1974), married 1927, divorced 1929
  • 4. Elfriede Dey (1909-96), married May 1930.

Oppel also had a daughter, Brigitte Oppel (born June 1932, daughter of Elfriede Dey).


  • Ian Bent and Kirstie Hewlett