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City in north-eastern Europe, now the second largest city in Lithuania, but occupied by the Germans during much of World War I.

A medieval city, Wilna was annexed to the Russian Empire in 1795 and remained so throughout the 19th century. Its population was part-Polish, part-Lithuanian, with some Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians, 41% being Jewish in 1897. From 1915 to 1918 Lithuania was occupied by Germany, after which it was declared an indepent state in 1918; but after a period of rival claims it was annexed to Poland in 1922. In 1940 the whole of Lithuania was annexed by the Soviet Union. However, Vilnius was captured by the Germans in 1941, its Jewish population being first gettoized then liquidated. Thereafter the country was absorbed into the Soviet Union until 1990 when it seceded and formed the Republic of Lithuania, of which Vilnius is now the second city.

Schenker's correspondent Walter Dahms while on military service was posted for a time in 1916 to "Wilna in the German administration" and put in charge of its libraries, archives, and museums. He wrote to Schenker from there, describing its climate as "swampy, with damp air" (OJ 10/1, [24]).

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