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  • OC 52/618 Handwritten letter from Moriz Violin to Schenker, dated May 26, 1925

    Dealing at the same time with a family matter, Violin sends Schenker the receipt for Max Temming's purchase of subscriptions to Der Tonwille and confirms that the money for this was sent to the Leipzig office of Universal Edition. He is not planning any summer holiday this year.

  • OJ 11/54, [2] Handwritten letter from Hoboken to Schenker, May 29, 1925

    Hoboken wishes to become a pupil of Schenker; he has studied Schenker's theoretical works under Vrieslander, and describes his progress so far; outlines previous education in piano and music theory at the Hoch Conservatory,Frankfurt, and activity as composer and conductor; after breaking his shoulder, he neglected his musical studies; outlines the areas he wishes to study with Schenker; if accepted, he would take up residence in Vienna.

  • OJ 6/7, [20] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated May 4, 1925

    In a wide-ranging letter, Schenker sends Violin money for arranging the order of Der Tonwille (which must consist of multiple copies of Tonwille 1); Hertzka's representative, Robert Scheu, is currently studying the papers relating to Schenker's threat of legal action. Schenker continues to express his astonishment at Furtwängler's ignorance of sonata form, a fact that does not prevent him from earning huge fees for conducting in New York. He has turned down a request from a lady who teaches in New York and a former pupil (now in St. Gallen), who wish to spend some time with him in Galtür. He enquires about the personal difficulties that Violin writes about in his letter, and asks him to say more; they will invite his sister for a visit. He will send him a copy of the medallion (designed by Alfred Rothberger); the portrait by Viktor Hammer is not yet finished.

  • OJ 6/7, [21] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated May 16, 1925

    Making preparations with his solicitor for the legal action against Universal Edition, Schenker asks Violin to find out whether Max Temming paid for the additional subscriptions to Der Tonwille directly through Albert Gutmann in Vienna, or through the firm of Hofmeister in Leipzig. He is nearing completion of the contents of the first Meisterwerk yearbook and asks Violin whether he has yet made summer plans and whether these might include a trip to Galtür.

  • OJ 6/7, [22] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated May 30, 1925

    Schenker thanks Violin for his latest efforts to account for subscriptions to Der Tonwille. He sends him the smaller version of the bronze medallion designed by Alfred Rothberger.