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Attorney to Universal Edition in Schenker's 1924–25 dispute with UE over Der Tonwille. His chancellery was located at Vienna I, Opernring 3 Heinrichshof.

Correspondence and Meetings

Most of Scheu's correspondence in the Tonwille matter was conducted via Schenker's attorney, Theodor Baumgarten. Copies of letters from Scheu to Baumgarten survive as OC 52/806-807 and 813 (November 2 and 9?, 1925), and letters from Baumgarten to Scheu as OC 52/750-751, 753, 523-524, 777, 779, 792, 795-796, 798, 828, 808, 827, 805, 810-811, and 814 (May 18 to November 11, 1825). One letter survives from Scheu direct to Schenker (OC/752, May 30, 1925).

Baumgarten and Scheu met on May 6, 1925, and again on June 5 – a stormy session described in some detail in Schenker's diary (OJ 3/7, pp. 2825-2826). The final out-of-court settlement between UE and Schenker was made on December 9 and 10, 1925, and Scheu must have been heavily involved in that process.


  • Ian Bent

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