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  • Martin Luther (b.1483; d.1546)


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  • OJ 6/7, [35] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Violin, dated August 5, 1927

    In a wide-ranging letter, Schenker underscores the importance of his friend's taking a holiday, and tries to persuade him to visit him in Galtür. There he was visited by Reinhard Oppel, who has been appointed to a theory post at the Leipzig Conservatory, where he will teach from Schenker's texts. He comments at length on the decline of society, as exemplified by the July Revolt. The second Meisterwerk volume has gone to the bookbinders; until it is published, he will be working on Der freier Satz.

  • OJ 9/34, [11] Handwritten letter from Cube to Schenker, dated April 24, 1928

    Cube describes difficulties with his colleagues, loss of pupils, and reactions to his lecture; Scheuermann and Schmemann will put Schenker exhibits in their shop windows, items requested; inquires after Weisse journal plan.