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  • Alexandere Wheelock Thayer


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  • OJ 10/3, [20] Typewritten letter from Otto Erich Deutsch to Schenker, dated November 26, 1920

    Replying to Schenker's postcard of November 20th, Deutsch writes that the connoisseur edition is to be reproduced using photolithography, and repeats the particulars of the Fitzwilliam Museum's "Moonlight" Sonata sketchleaves. Speyer has allowed his sketchleaf of the Sonata to be photographed, and reports that he also owns a letter from Beethoven to Schlesinger (Paris) about corrections to the C minor Sonata (Op. 111). Universal Edition urgently requires a prospectus for the Beethoven day, and so Deutsch asks for sight of the draft of Schenker's Preface.