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German scholarly music journal.

The journal was founded in 1918 as an organ of the Deutsche Musikgesellschaft (from 1934, of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft), and published by Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig, in seventeen volumes, 1918-35. Its editor from inception to his emigration in 1933 was Alfred Einstein, after which Max Schneider took up the editorship until it closed in 1935. It was a leading international forum for serious musicological research.

The Journal and Schenker

Schenker received one letter from Alfred Einstein under the letterhead of the journal (OC B/139, March 30, 1930), and published in volume xii (April 1930), p. 446 (a copy is preserved as OJ 20/9), a rejoinder to an article by Beninger. Oswald Jonas published an article in the October 1934 issue, "Beethovens Skizzen und ihre Gestaltung zum Werk."

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  • OJ 13/10, [7] Handwritten letter from Oppel to Schenker, dated September 7, 1919

    Oppel expresses his pessimism in the aftermath of the war and the prospects for his generation. He sends a chaconne for Schenker's comment, and reports his appointment as a teacher in theory and composition at the Kiel Conservatory. Alfred Einstein asked him for a review of the Erläuterungsausgabe, but he declined.

  • OC 52/450 Typed letter from Kalmus (UE) to Schenker, dated October 25, 1920

    Kalmus confirms receipt of EA Op. 101 manuscript; he inquires about the publication sequence between EA Op. 101 and the first issue of the Kleine Bibliothek, and about the autograph manuscript for which Schenker is waiting.

  • OJ 10/1, [78] Handwritten letter from Dahms to Schenker, dated August 23, 1923

    Dahms has received Tonwille 4 but not yet examined it. — Has deferred work on his Haydn book because of financial problems over Musik des Südens and poor take-up of subscriptions. — Debates whether to attend the Leipzig musicology conference. — Comments on German politics as the occupation of the Ruhr unfolds, and compares German attitudes with Italian.

  • OJ 15/15, [22] Handwritten postcard from Weisse to Schenker, dated April 14, 1927

    Weisse calls his teacher's attention to a recent article by Edmund Schmid, which questions the objectivity of Schenker's Beethoven research and deplores the slavish adherence of his disciples to the concept of Urlinie.

  • OJ 13/25, [5] Typewritten letter from Rinn to Schenker, dated March 7, 1929

    Rinn apologizes for the small format in which the autograph of Schubert's minuet was reproduced for Schenker's article "Eine Rettung der klassischen Musik-Texte." He has publicized the work, and intends to send copies of it to university music departments and inform other newspapers and journals of it. He expresses thanks for the efforts that Schenker made in contributing to Der Kunstwart, and for his remarks on Bruckner's Ninth Symphony.

  • OJ 6/7, [48] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated May 19, [1930]

    After congratulating Violin on moving house, Schenker reports that an article that is critical of the "Urlinie", by Walter Riezler, has apparently offended Furtwängler, a childhood friend of the author. Furtwängler hoped that Hans Weisse might write a response; in the end, Brünauer wrote one, and Weisse has sent it to Furtwängler. Schenker has himself replied to an article by Eduard Beninger in the February 1930 issue of the Zeitschrift für Musik. Owing to overwork, he was required to rest during the day between lessons; now he is better. Oppel is again coming to Galtür and Schenker hopes that Violin will join him there, too.

  • OJ 15/16, [66] Handwritten letter from Weisse to Schenker, dated January 8, 1931

    Hearing that Schenker expects to complete Der freie Satz by early spring, Weisse encourages his teacher to work systematically and unhurriedly at it. He reports on Alfred Einstein’s defense of Schenker’s theories against Arnold Schering, and on a review of a recent book on the Ninth Symphony in which the reviewer, Alfred Lorenz, sided with the author against Schenker.

  • OJ 12/6, [32] Handwritten letter from Jonas to Schenker, dated June 11, 1934

    Publication of Jonas's book has been delayed until June 22; — he may give a lecture in conjunction with Edwin Fischer; — his Beethoven sketches article is in press; — Hoboken is considering Jonas's proposed elucidatory edition plan in conjunction with a putative publication by the Photogram Archive.

  • OJ 12/6, [37] Handwritten letter from Jonas to Schenker, dated August 23, 1934

    Jonas seeks advice on what to include in the first issue of the planned elucidatory editions; — distribution of his book is delayed until September; — Jonas is correcting proofs of two articles.