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Viennese restaurant and café, evidently located in the neighborhood of the Schönbrunn Palace, in the 13th district (Hietzing) of Vienna.

The owner may have been the wine dealer and hotelier Paul Hopfner: there were two Hopfner restaurants in first district (Innere Stadt) of Vienna: Hofpners Graben-Restaurant (Graben 29) and Hopfner (Kärntnerstraße 61). Moreover, there was a Hopfner Parkhotel in the 13th district (Hietzinger Hauptstraße 12) and a Hopfner Casino neighboring it (ibid 14). The Schenkers visited both the restaurant and the café on July 22, 1918, on their way from the Tierpark Schönbrunn to the Tivoli.


  • Marko Deisinger