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Vienna's planetarium, located on the Aspernplatz, Vienna I, commonly known as the "Sternwarte" (observatory). Built in 1909-10 to plans by the Jugendstil architect Max Fabiani, and designated a "house of public education" (Volksbildungshaus), it featured popular scientific lectures by well-known writers and researchers "with experimental and magic-lantern demonstrations" (mit Experimental- und Skioptikondemonstrationen) and opportunities to observe the stars.

The Urania was bombed in World War II, rebuilt and reopened in 1957, and continues in use to the present day.

Schenker is known to have visited it a number of times: e.g. diary, November 23, 1912: "Visit to Urania-Sternwarte to observe stars, especially a double-star." (OJ 1/11, p. 284).


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