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Croatian concert pianist, professor and director of the piano class at the Vienna Conservatory 1867-1901, teacher of Mahler and Ignaz Brüll, editor of works for the Schubert collected edition.

Epstein and Schenker

Epstein gave Schenker instruction, and occasionally financial support, for which Schenker dedicated his Zwei Clavierstücke, Op. 1 (1892) to him. He was also a member of the editorial team assembled by Universal Edition at its inception in 1901, which numbered Schenker among its ranks. He was joint founder with Anton Door in 1879 of the Wiener Tonkünstler-Verein.

Correspondence with Schenker

Correspondence from Epstein to Schenker survives as OJ 10/23 (4 items: 1902-03).

Epstein's son Richard was also a correspondent with Schenker.


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