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Austrian composer of dance music.

Lanner was best remembered as one of the earliest Viennese composers to reform the waltz from a simple peasant dance to something that even the highest society could enjoy, either as an accompaniment to the dance, or for the music's own sake. He was just as famous as his friend and musical rival Johann Strauss I, who was better known outside of Austria in their day because of his concert tours abroad, in particular, to France and England.

Lanner and Schenker

Schenker's pupil Hans Weisse wrote a dissertation at the University of Vienna under the direction of Guido Adler on the "art waltz" (Kunstwalzer), which covered the waltzes of Lanner. Schenker expressed some disapproval that Weisse failed to limit himself to the "classical" waltz composers, Schubert, Chopin, and Brahms, but succumbed to Adler's influence in including the popular waltz repertory. Schenker himself spoke occasionally of Lanner in disparaging terms.


  • Sigrun Heinzelmann