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Viennese music publisher.

Joseph Stritzko had his own publishing company, located at Vienna I, Hoher Markt 3, which existed c.1890-1929, from 1912 on under the proprietorship of Carl Sutter. He was also a director of the printing firm J. Eberle & Co.

Stritzko and Schenker

Stritzko evidently made an initial approach to Schenker sometime before September 11, 1906, perhaps under the auspices of J. Eberle, although Doblinger was involved as well, about a prospective table of instruments. To this, Schenker responded with a letter and then a visit at which verbal agreement was reached (OJ 1/5, p. 19). However, negotiations deadlocked over the royalty a few days later, and the contract was canceled on September 24. Schenker refers to the matter retrospectively in OJ 5/16, [2] (December 25, 1908) and WSLB 33 (December 31, 1908?). The >Instrumentations-Tabelle was later published by Universal Edition.

No correspondence between Stritzko and Schenker is known to survive, but some traces of it are recorded in his diaries.

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