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Lawyer, member of the committee of the Vienna Bar Association 1906-15, its Vice-President 1916-20, President 1922-24; after 1918 engaged in the legal separation between the state and the Habsburg dynasty.

A "Dr. Harpner," possibly the above lawyer, was involved in the abortive attempt by Schenker and others in 1912 to set up an "Organization for Creative and Performing Artists".

No correspondence between him and Schenker is known to survive.

(There is also a Stefan G. Harpner who had correspondence with Oswald Jonas 1963-65, 1970, using the letterhead of Universal Edition Vienna (OJ 36/23; 36/139), and a letter of 1970 from him to Joseph Stein using the letterhead of Theodore Presser Company, PA (OJ 71/15), but for reasons of chronology this seems unlikely to be the person referred to.)


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