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Friend of Schenker's family in Galicia.

A document dated 1899 reporting the retroactive registration of Schenker's birth certificate, and stating Schenker's birth date, place, and parentage, is addressed to Schenker "by the hand of Markus Marienberg in Podhajce" (OJ 35/1).

Schenker met with Markus Marienberg in January 1918 regarding the arrangements for the saying of the kaddish and preparation of the gravestone for Schenker's mother, Julia (died December 22, 1917). Marienberg then described the first time Schenker's mother and father met, at which he was present.

In 1919, when Schenker's married sister Sophie (Schifre) Guttmann, her husband and children sought to return from Vienna to Sereth (Bukovina), the family was at first split up, and their daughter Frieda stayed with the Marienberg family.


  • Federhofer, Hellmut, Heinrich Schenker nach Tagebüchern und Briefen ... (Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1985), p. 2


  • Marko Deisinger

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