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Fourth(?) child of Johann and Julia Schenker, younger sister of Wilhelm, older sister of Heinrich and Moriz Schenker. Her birth date in the family home in Wisniowczyk (Galicia, now in the Ukraine) is in doubt: it is given on her marriage certificate as "July 1, 1872"; but Schenker wrote to his friend Moriz Violin, "my parents made my sister out to be some ten years younger (etwa um 10 Jahre verjüngten) for purposes of marriage ‒ in that, too, they succeeded!" (OJ 6/7, [38], June 23, 1928). This would suggest a date in 1862; however, Wilhelm was born in that year.

Schifre Schenker married Salo Guttmann, a medical doctor, on January 6, 1898 at the synagogue in Fünfhaus, in Vienna's 15th district, and the couple had three children: an older boy, Hans, a daughter, Frieda, and a younger son, Julian (Julko).

For further information, see Guttmann family


Schenker had Cotta send a copy of his Harmonielehre to Sophie in 1908 (CA 80). She is very frequently referred to in Schenker's diaries from 1918 onward as sending food supplies to Heinrich and Jeanette. No letters from her to Heinrich Schenker are known to survive; four items from her to Jeanette Schenker, OJ 11/31, [1]-[4], give a vivid portrayal of the family in 1938-39, and of the fears of rural Bukovina.


  • Marko Deisinger with Ian Bent and Lee Rothfarb

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