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Pupil of Schenker's in 1934, son of Alfred Rothberger and his wife Hilda, long-time close friends of Heinrich and Jeanette Schenker. In a letter of 1938 to UE, Jeanette states that she has authorized Karl Rothberger as translator of Harmonielehre (UEA [5], May 30).

Karl Rothberger and Schenker

Karl Rothberger became a pupil of Schenker's at Hilda Rothberger's request on April 4, 1934 (OJ 4/7, p. 3903), and continued into the 1934/35 season; monthly accounts survive (OC A/260r).

Letters from Karl Rothberger to the Schenkers are preserved in the file of correspondence from Hilda Rothberger as OJ 13/31 (between 1929 and 1938). It was Karl who informed the Schenkers on May 24, 1932 of his father's death (OJ 4/5, p. 3732).

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