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Concert promoter in London, collector of music autographs and early editions.

Speyer was born in Germany but setled in England in 1859 and set up in business. He was close friends with Clara Schumann, Brahms, and Elgar.

Speyer and Schenker

Speyer was the owner of a Beethoven sketch for the last movement of the composer's "Moonlight" Sonata. When Schenker was preparing his facsimile edition of that Sonata in 1920, Speyer supplied him with photographs of the sketch in his possession as well as that in the Fitwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Speyer's sketch had been described in the Musical Times for March 1903. In his facsimile, Schenker was able to marry the two sketches in England with that of Wilhelm Kux of Vienna: Speyer's sketch is discussed there on p. VII.


  • Ian Bent and William Drabkin

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