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  • WSLB 66/67 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Hertzka (UE) + list of names, dated October 19, 1910

    Schenker cancels their Thursday meeting. — He argues for sweeping changes to the draft contract for Beethovens neunte Sinfonie. — He defends his own free speech in the face of Universal Edition's commercial interests. As with his Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue edition, UE will never regret publishing the Ninth Symphony monograph. — He also lauds the prospective editions of the last five Beethoven piano sonatas and volume of J. S. Bach toccatas in a lofty vision for future publications. — He appends a list of recipients of complimentary copies of the Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue.

  • OJ 9/34, [11] Handwritten letter from Cube to Schenker, dated April 24, 1928

    Cube describes difficulties with his colleagues, loss of pupils, and reactions to his lecture; Scheuermann and Schmemann will put Schenker exhibits in their shop windows, items requested; inquires after Weisse journal plan.