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  • DLA 69.930/11 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Halm, dated November 2, 1922

    Schenker acknowledges receipt of two booklets on youth and the new republic, returns them, comments on them critically: idealistic German democrats desire maximal remuneration with minimal work; illustrates point by difficulties with maids in Schenker household; German democrats naively overestimate social and intellectual status of non-German commoners (French, British, American); Schenker decries cosmopolitanism and those Germans who advocate individuality at the expense of society; Schenker praises the fascists as countering communism and social leveling, compares Mussolini's Italy favorably with present-day Germany.

  • PhA/Ar 56, [7] Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Kromer, dated February 2, 1928

    Schenker asks Kromer to send copies of the Appeal to Felix-Eberhard von Cube.

  • OJ 9/34, [23] Handwritten letter from Cube to Schenker, dated February 10, 1931

    Cube acknowledges issue of Der Kunstwart; encloses a letter from Walter Braunfels responding to his plans to establish a Rhineland base for Schenkerian teaching at the Cologne Hochschule für Musik; wonders whether Anthony van Hoboken might be approached for financial assistance on this, and if so how the approach should be made.