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Austrian conductor.

Career Summary

Schalk studied violin with Hellmesberger, piano with Julius Epstein, and theory with Bruckner at the Vienna Conservatory. He held conducting positions in Olmütz, Czernowitz and elsewhere, later in Graz (1889-95), Prague (1895-98), then, after conducting in London, New York, and Berlin, became a conductor at the Vienna Court Opera from 1901, from 1918 joint director with Richard Strauss, from 1924 to 1929 sole director. He conducted operas and music dramas by, among others, Richard Strauss and Wagner. He was a pupil of Bruckner, and was associated with editing and performing the latter's symphonies.

Schalk and Schenker

Schenker was several times in Schalk's company in 1907–08 (diary, March 19, 1907; January 15; February 24, 25, 1908), but later had less than favourable things to say about his conducting.

No correspondence between Schalk and Schenker is known to survive.


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