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Polish violinist, widely regarded as one of the most original concert artists of the 20th century.

Career Summary

As a boy, Hubermann played the Brahms Violin Concerto in front of the composer, who is said to have been greatly moved by the performance. He played regularly in Vienna, and between 1934 and 1936 taught in the violin master school at the Vienna Conservatory. He later helped Jewish musicians to get to Palestine, and organized the Palestine Symphony Orchestra.

Hubermann and Schenker

Huberman was greatly admired by, among others, Furtwängler. Schenker evidently thought well of his playing and musicianship, while harboring some reservations, as in this diary comment: "Hubermann has visibly grown, has at his command all the possibilities of tone connection and gradations of light and shade, all arts of bowing, but at the same time yields to the commonest of desires, which he allows to deteriorate even into tastelessness." (OJ 3/6, July 26, 1924).

There is no known correspondence between Hubermann and Schenker.


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