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Austrian violinist and violin teacher, member of the Winkler String Quartet.

Wahle and Schenker

Wahle figures in Schenker's diary as early as 1906, when he is mentioned together with Eduard Gärtner (OJ 1/5, p. 21) and 1907 (OJ 1/6, p. 35: "Evening: played with Fritz, etc. and [Moriz] Violin at the Rudolfinerhaus.") and p. 37 ("After quartet at Gärtner's, Kapellmeister Kunwald, Fritz, and Floriz in the coffee-house: discussion of Brahms's epigonism."). In 1909, Schenker asked UE to send Wahle a complimentary copy of the second edition of his Beitrag zur Ornamentik (WSLB 43), and in 1910 of his edition of the Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue (WSLB 66/67), in which years he was living at Vienna I, Börsegasse 7 or 9.

Schenker offers an encomium on his death: Fritz Wahle has died! Even if in the specific sense of the word he is not to be ranked highly as a musician, he was driven by yearning for the highest standards, namely toward the example of [Joseph] Joachim, and that and his unusual literary education (fondness for Jean Paul [Richter]) gave him a particular stamp as a man, yes, something that can be called personality. On the basis of this he was able to enliven and stimulate every social gathering he attended. I myself stood in his debt for years of most happy experiences, for felicitous music-making, for memories of our delightful adventures and ultimately for my acquaintance with his brother, the university professor, to whom my sister in particular owes a great deal. ( diary OJ 2/11, pp. 923-924, July 24, 1918)

Correspondence with Schenker

Thirteen items of correspondence from Wahle to Schenker are preserved as OJ 15/6 (1899-1913).

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