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Family of Heinrich Schenker's older sister, born Schifre, who adopted the name Sophie, and married Salo Guttmann.

Family members appearing in Schenker's diaries and correspondence were, parents:

and children:

The Guttmann Family

  Studio portrait photograph of the Guttman family.
Guttmann family, (OJ 72/18, No. 15)

  Outdoors group photograph of the Guttman family.
Salo, Sophie, Frieda, Hans, Julien, 1916/17 (OJ 72/18, No. 11)

The Guttmann family lived in Sereth (Siret), Bukovina, but on September 17, 1914, with the advance of the Russian army and destruction of their house, they fled to Vienna (OJ 1/16, pp. 711-712, containing a vivid description of the family members on its arrival). In Vienna, they were housed briefly with Jeanette Kornfeld, then with Schenker's mother, Julia, later settling in Bielitz (Poland) during the war.

On March 22, 1919, the family attempted to return to Sereth via Vienna, but found the borders closed and were obliged to stay in Vienna for three months, Sophie and Salo staying in the accommodation of their son Hans (who was studying in Vienna), Frieda with the Marienbergs, and Hans and Julian with the Einschenks (OJ 2/12, pp. 2043-2044). On June 23, 1919, they were in Vincovci, in Croatia, and from there they returned to Sereth where they moved into a new house and Salo found well-paid work as a doctor. In September 1939, they planned to move from Sereth to Czernowitz to be close to Frieda's family (OJ 11/31, [4]). Nothing is known of the family after 1939.

Family Photographs

Photographs of the Guttmann family survive in OJ 72/18: Nos. 8 & 13: Hans, Frieda, and Julian; No. 14: Frieda and Julian; Nos. 9 & 10: Hans (in military uniform); Nos. 6 & 7: Frieda; No. 12: Julian.


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