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German name for the capital city of Bukovina (Bukowina), the easternmost crown-land of the Austro-Hungarian empire, 675 km (420 miles) east of Vienna, in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains.

Czernowitz had a multi-ethnic population of Poles, Ruthenians (Ukrainians), Rumanians, Germans, and Jews. Jews, originally from Russia, had begun to settle there in the late 18th century, and by 1900 formed a third of the city's population (22,000 out of 67,000). In 1918, it was ceded to Rumania and was known as Cernauti, in 1940 it became part of the Ukraine, within the Soviet Union.

The Schenker's grand-daughter Frieda, and her husband, Oskar, and children, Hilde and Edith, lived there by the 1930s.

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