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Elder son of Sophie and Salo Guttmann, brother of Frieda and Julien Guttmann, nephew of Heinrich and Jeanette Schenker, godson of Heinrich.

In his diary for August 17, 1898, Schenker speaks of his being godfather to the "firstborn" (Hans) of his sister Sophie Guttman, expressing the hope the he will honour the name of his grandfather (Johann Schenker).

Hans Guttmann served in the Austrian-Hungarian army in World War I. After the war, he studied in Vienna with financial support from his uncle, Moriz Schenker. He visited the Schenkers at their summer resort in Galtür on August 29 to September 1, 1927, where he proved himself to be a photographer; and then stayed in Vienna September 8‒18, visiting them each day (diary OJ 3/9, pp. 3106‒3118). Hans married Edith (who was said to have extravagant tastes (OJ 11/31, [1] and [2])) on May 27, 1929 in Agram (Zagreb), Croatia (Schenker was invited but did not attend), and by 1934 the couple had a daughter (A/289). By 1939, he was based in Belgrade (OJ 11/31, [4]).

See also Guttmann family.

Correspondence and other documents

One fragmentary letter from Hans Guttmann to Heinrich and Jeanette Schenker is preserved as OC 65/5 (1923). It is possible that some or all of the photographs OJ 72/15, Nos 2‒4, showing Heinrich and Jeanette in a chauffeured car in Galtür, were those recorded in the diary as having been taken by Hans on September 1, 1927 as the Schenkers left Galtür,and delivered on September 10 (OJ 3/9, pp. 3107, 3113). Photographs of Hans survive as OJ 72/18, Nos 9, 10 (in military uniform), and he appears also in Nos 8 and 13 with Frieda and Julien.


  • Marko Deisinger

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