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The fifth planned volume of Schenker's "Erläuterungsausgabe," which remained unrealized and unpublished by Universal Edition after a long and fruitless search on Schenker's part, begun in 1913 and still not abandoned at the end of the 1920s (see OJ 89/1, [5], Sept 13, 1927; WSLB 400 and 403, Nov 27 and Dec 23, 1928; OC 52/848 and 849, Jan 9 and 15, 1929), for Beethoven's autograph manuscript on which to base his edition.

Schenker spoke of the fourth and fifth planned volumes of the Erläuterungsausgabe as "the last two colossuses, Opp. 101 and 106," explaining that he had left them until last "because of both their size and their internal difficulties" (WSLB 200, February 19, 1914). In the event, he completed Op. 101 but not Op. 106.

The work was assigned a publication number and advertized in music journals, and also up to 1927 in UE's catalogs, as: UE 3975 Op. 106 B-flat major (Hammerklavier)


  • Marston, Nicholas, Heinrich Schenker and Beethoven’s ‘Hammerklavier’ Sonata (Ashgate, forthcoming)


  • Private communication from Nicholas Marston

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