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German musicologist specializing in Baroque music.

Having studied with Adolf Sandberger, Johannes Wolf, and Hugo Riemann, Steglich completed his doctorate in 1911 and Habilitation in 1930. He worked as a music correspondent 1919-29, later teaching at Erlangen University 1934-56. He edited the Händel-Jahrbuch (1928-33), and Archiv für Musikforschung (1936-40), wrote studies of J. S Bach, Mozart, Handel, and Beethoven, with a particular concern for rhythm, and was editor of much Baroque music.

Steglich and Schenker

Of relevance to Schenker, Steglich edited C. P. E. Bach's Prussian and Würtemberg Sonatas (Nagels Musikarchiv, 1927-28, 1932), and wrote several articles on C. P. E. and J. S. Bach.

Schenker's library included copies of Steglich's book Das Tempo als Problem der Mozart-Interpretation (1932), and an inscribed copy of his published Habilitationsschrift, Die elementare Dynamik des musikalischen Rhythmus (Leipzig, 1930), and also Heft 6 of Zeitschrift für Musik, 92 (1925), containing Steglich's article "Händel und die Gegenwart."


Correspondence from Steglich to Schenker is preserved as OJ 14/33 (5 items, 1914-18) and OC 24/7 (1 item, 1921). That from Schenker to Steglich is not known to survive. An inscribed offprint of an article by Steglich on C. P. E. Bach, from the Bach-Jahrbuch for 1915, survives as OJ 34/9, and a clipping of another article on C. P. E. Bach, from the Musikalische Rundschau for March 7, 1914, appears in Schenker's scrapbook as OC 2/p. 43.


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  • Musik und Theater: enthaltend die Bibliothek des Herrn Dr. Heinrich Schenker, Wien (Vienna: Antiquariat Heinrich Hinterberger[, 1935])


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