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Writer on music, and concert singer (baritone).

Wächter (who signed his name "Eberhard Baron von Waechter") studied law at Vienna University, from which he received a doctorate of law. He studied music theory with Richard Stöhr in Vienna, and voice with Adolf Wallnöfer in Munich. He was musical editor of the newspaper Das Neue Österreich (cf. OJ 11/35, 1, January 4, 1917; 2, January 27, 1917), and was a contributor to Der Merker around 1919 (OJ 15/5, [6], October 19, 1919). He wrote two books: Die Musikkritik der Gegenwart (1919 – which he offered to send to Schenker for comment), and Franz Schuberts Liederzyklus Die schöne Müllerin: Eine anaytisch-kritische Studie (of which he sent Schenker two copies, and which is mentioned in Schenker's lessonbooks). He was the father of the celebrated singer (baritone) Eberhard Wächter.

Wächter and Schenker

In 1918 and 1919, Wächter, who evidently had much respect for Schenker's work, solicited regular contributions from Schenker to Das Neue Oesterreich , and for theoretical articles for Der Merker . Schenker declined on grounds of prior work.

Correspondence and Other Items

Ten items of correspondence between Wächter and Schenker are preserved as OJ 5/43 (1 draft item, Schenker to Wächter, 1918), OC 1 B/41-45 (1 draft item, Schenker to Wächter, 1919), and OJ 15/5 (8 items, Wächter to Schenker, 1918-21).

Clippings of three articles by Wächter, all of which mention Schenker's work, are preserved in Schenker's scrapbook (OC 2/pp. 54, 56), namely:

  • "Von moderner Musik, modernen Musikern und moderner Musikkritik," Das Neue Osterreich, Heft 1 [1916 or 1917], pp. 58–63
  • "Neue Bahnen der Liederkritik," Das Neue Osterreich, Heft 6 [1918], p. 52
  • "Die Kunstwerdung des Tongebildes," Der Merker, Sept 15, 1919, pp. 621-25


  • Müller, Erich H., ed., Deutsches Musiker-Lexikon (Dresden: Wilhelm Limpert-Verlag, 1929), p.1510


  • Marko Deisinger

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