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Emperor of Austria, also Károly IV, King of Hungary and Croatia, and Karl III of Bohemia 1916-18, the last monarch of the Habsburg dynasty. On November 11, 1918 he renounced his participation in state affairs, but did not abdicate.


  • Marko Deisinger

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  • OJ 5/38, [1] Handwritten letter from Heinrich Schenker and Jeanette Kornfeld to Wilhelm Schenker, dated January 24, 1918

    Heinrich comments on the attack of the mumps, from which Wilhelm's children are suffering. Heinrich encourages Wilhelm and his family to move from Kautzen permanently, and in that connection will investigate the cost of having Julia Schenker's body moved from Waidhofen to Vienna for burial with the cooperation of the Vienna Kultusgemeinde. He envisions purchasing burial plots for Jeanette and himself adjacent to Julia's grave. He thanks Dodi for her invitation to stay with them if Vienna becomes intolerable.