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Austrian conductor, pupil of Bruckner.

Career Summary

A member of the circle of friends around Bruckner, and associated with editing the latter's symphonies Löwe was a teacher of piano, choral singing, and music education at the Vienna Conservatory (= Akademie für Musik und darstellende Kunst) from 1884 to 1922, and Director of that institution from 1919 to 1922 (after the enforced resignation of Wilhelm Bopp).

Löwe and Schenker

There are numerous references to Löwe in Schenker's diaries between July 1906 and January 1908, making clear that the two men knew each other well and met frequently, e.g. August 19 and 24, 1906 "In the afternoon, at Löwe's place, game of cards; in the evening leisurely discussion with Löwe about re-orchestrations [Retouchen]", "Evening, with Löwe until midnight: said goodbye" (OJ 1/5, p. 18). They met also in public, e.g. May 8, 1907 "[with] Löwe and Schalk in the coffee-house", August 25, 1907 "In the train carriage, I encounter Director Löwe on his return from Breslau; conversation about Richard Strauss." (OJ 1/6, pp. 40, 47). But in 1909, Schenker speaks of him as known to him personally "but sadly not artistically close to me," and comments disparagingly "one calls a derivative person like him emphatically: a Bruckner 'authority'!" (Federhofer, p. 207)..


  • Federhofer, Hellmut, Heinrich Schenker nach Tagebüchern und Briefen ... (Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 1985), p. 207

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