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De facto capital and fifth-largest city of Switzerland, a neutral country. Ernst Kurth's publisher, Paul Haupt, Akademische Buchhandlung, formerly Max Drechsel, was based in Bern and Leipzig.

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  • OC 12/7-9 Handwritten letter from Halm to Schenker dated November 6‒10, 1923

    Halm has sent the published score of a string quartet to Schenker. —Patronage has enabled him to publish three volumes of compositions; reports on current and past composition activities and publications. —Discusses what he has learned from Schenker's theories, and questions whether it would be a fault were Bruckner's symphonies not to contain the Urlinie; Halm's book on Bruckner's symphonies has gone into its second edition. —Halm suspects that Schenker may not "agree with" his compositions, and asks whether Schenker wishes to receives further scores. —Halm considers socialism a "historical necessity."