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Pupil of Schenker's who appears in his lessonbooks from January 19, 1912 to June 27, 1913, taking two lessons per week.

It is unknown how far before 1912 she became a pupil, however Schenker records in his diary for November 5, 1906: "Professor von Bocklet recommends a new pupil, Mrs. Stirling-Wimmer." (OJ 1/5, p. 26); it is noteworthy that Schenker records for November 9, 1911: "Mrs. Jenny Eissler and Käthe Stirling-Wimmer have subscribed 3,000 and 5,000 Kronen respectively for the building of the Konzertverein House...." (OJ 1/10, p. 184). (Jenny Eissler was one of Schenker's patrons at least during 1906 to 1909.) Schenker tells us (OJ 1/12, p. 363) that on June 10, 1913 she married for the third time.

Whether the pupil of 1912–13 was the 1906 recommendation and 1911 Konzerthaus donor is unclear. Also unclear is whether Frau Stirling is a descendent of Jane Wilhelmina Stirling (1804–59), Scottish pupil of Chopin's for several years in Paris, to whom Chopin later dedicated his two Nocturnes, Op. 55.

No correspondence between Mrs. Stirling and Schenker is known to survive.


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