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The fourth issue of Schenker's periodical Der Tonwille (1921–24).


Issue 4, 32 pages in length, is the first to lack any theoretical articles, presenting eight articles on single movements, all short, and each provided with an Urlinie on the fold-out sheet at the back, and "Miscellanea" (11 pages of small type). This issue was planned by Schenker as a Kinderheft (issue for children), to be issued in time for Christmas 1922, although the characterization was not ultimately adopted. By this word, Schenker may also have meant "for piano teachers …," i.e. not for children to read, but for the teachers of children, as a more accessible issue that might serve some pedagogical purpose; not only are the pieces easy, but only the first movement of each of the sonatas by Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven is analysed.

The pieces are technically easy and in simple keys (five in C major, three in G major), and the analyses are free of polemic. Arranged in broadly chronological order, they are by J. S. Bach (from the Twelve Little Preludes, of which Schenker was to contribute analyses of five to Der Tonwille and a further three to Das Meisterwerk in der Musik), Handel, C. P. E. Bach (one from the selection of sonatas that he himself edited in 1902, one from a collection edited by his pupil Otto Vrieslander in 1914), Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. The "Miscellanea," although not devoid of polemic, was more than usually related to the analytical contents of the issue, featuring four of the six composers.

Publication History

Issue 4 was released on January 19, 1923 (OC 52/339). [to be completed]

Contents List

  • "J. S. Bach: Zwölf kleine Präludien, Nr. 1" [Bach's Twelve Little Preludes, No. 1], 3–6 [I, pp. 141–44]
  • "J. S. Bach: Zwölf kleine Präludien, Nr. 2" [Bach's Twelve Little Preludes, No. 2], 7 [I, p. 145]
  • "Händel: Allemande (XIV. Suite)" [The Allemande from Handel's Suite No. 14], 8–9 [I, pp. 146–47]
  • "Ph. Em. Bach: Kurze und leichte Klavierstücke mit veränderten Reprisen (1766), Nr. 1, Allegro" [C. P. E. Bach: Short and Easy Keyboard Pieces with Varied Reprises (1766), No. 1, Allegro], 10–11 [I, pp. 148–49]
  • "Ph. Em. Bach: Sonate C-Dur (1779) (U.E. Nr. 548)" [C. P. E. Bach's Sonata in C major (1779) (UE 548)], 12–14 [I, pp. 150–52]
  • "Haydn: Sonate C-Dur (U.E. Nr. 1)" [Haydn's Sonata in C major (UE 1)], 15–18 [I, pp. 153–55]
  • "Mozart: Sonate C-Dur (Köch. V. Nr. 545, U.E. Nr. 11" [Mozart's Sonata in C major, K. 545 (UE 11)], 19 [I, pp. 156–57]
  • "Beethoven: Sonate opus 49, Nr. 2 (U.E. Nr. 4029)" [Beethoven's Sonata Op. 49, No. 2 (UE 4029)], 20–21 [I, pp. 158–59]
  • "Vermischtes" [Miscellanea], 22–32 [I, pp. 160–72]

  • Enclosure: double-sided sheet containing Urlinien for all the pieces analysed
  • Advertisement (at back): "Beethoven-Schenker: Klavier-Sonaten" (cover)


  • Ian Bent

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