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Pupil of Schenker's from April 1 1919 to May 1926.

The first approach to Schenker regarding lessons for Fräulein Moscisker came from her father, Dr. Bernhard Moscisker, on March 7, 1919. She had been working with another teacher, and Schenker insisted on her terminating those lessons before he would take her on (diary March 14, 28, 1919). Schenker described her as "naïve and childlike" (Dec 5, 1919), but as "musical" (March 7, 1919).

She took only one lesson per week, and played standard repertory solo piano music. There is no evidence in the lessonbooks of the study of counterpoint or thoroughbass; indeed, on November 26, 1920, she asked for a counterpoint lesson and Schenker refused, recommending that she seek instruction from Hans Weisse. After having taken no lessons in 1921/22, 1922/23, and 1923/24, she appears again in Schenker's lessonbooks for 1924/25 and 1925/26, taking lessons for the full year October to April/May. Despite discussions in September/October 1926, she appears not to have embarked on lessons in 1926/27. On November 24, 1927, her father announced her marriage.

Although correspondence with Moscisker is recorded in Schenker's diary, none appears to have survived..


  • Ian Bent

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