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Daily newspaper founded in 1848, one of the highest-circulation newspapers in Germany. In the late 19th century it was one of the leading liberal newspapers under the editorship of Georg Hirth, but during World War I it adopted more conservative views.

Between 1902 and 1914, its concert critic was the writer and theorist Rudolf Louis, whose articles and reviews advocated progressive developments in music and were criticized for their neglect of more traditional composers such as Brahms and Reger.


  • Marko Deisinger

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  • CA 106-107 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cotta, dated December 2, 1909

    Schenker explains the necessity for some late interpolations into Kontrapunkt I. — He may be able to include the title "Professor of Composition and Theory" against his name on the title-pages of his works, and debates the advantages of such an appointment at the Vienna Academy against the loss of independence. — Only anonymity has prevented Harmonielehre from success so far.

  • WSLB 78 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Hertzka (UE), dated July 23, 1911

    Schenker asks that a copy of his Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue edition be send to Gottfried Galston. —He reports creation of his "Die Kunst des Vortrags" and "Kunst und Kritik". —He is pleased that the Beethoven/Bach project may yet be realized, and justifies his editorial stance with reference to Rodin and architecture, and suggests it might be published in Germany as retribution against Bopp and Wiener. —He is working now on Counterpoint II for Cotta.

  • OC 54/193 List of review copies for Das Meisterwerk in der Musik, vol. 1

    List of review copies for the first Meisterwerk yearbook.

  • OJ 13/25, [5] Typewritten letter from Rinn to Schenker, dated March 7, 1929

    Rinn apologizes for the small format in which the autograph of Schubert's minuet was reproduced for Schenker's article "Eine Rettung der klassischen Musik-Texte." He has publicized the work, and intends to send copies of it to university music departments and inform other newspapers and journals of it. He expresses thanks for the efforts that Schenker made in contributing to Der Kunstwart, and for his remarks on Bruckner's Ninth Symphony.

  • OJ 13/25, [7] Typewritten letter from Rinn to Schenker, dated December 2, 1929

    Rinn sends Schenker the October and November 1929 issues of Der Kunstwart. In contrast to his own journal, he describes the progressive Münchener Neueste Nachrichten (for whom Wilhelm Hausenstein, Joseph Roth, and Felix Salten were writing) as belonging to "the other side."