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Austrian publisher.

Commercial Director of Universal Edition in Vienna since 1910. At the death of Emil Hertzka in 1932, he became joint director of the company with Hans Heinsheimer and Alfred Kalmus, becoming its Managing Director in 1937, and at the same time Manager of several other publishing enterprises in Vienna. He left UE at the aryanization of the company on September 20, 1938, and emigrated to the USA, where he became Vice-President of Associated Music Publishers.

Winter and Schenker

Schenker had dealings with Winter during his period of conflict with UE over Der Tonwille, and Winter was present at the meeting on December 9, 1925 with Schenker and Hertzka at which an agreement was drawn up that led to the winding up of Der Tonwille and Schenker's move to Drei Masken Verlag of Munich with whom Das Meisterwerk in der Musik (1925–30) was published.

After Schenker's death in 1935, Jeanette Schenker had some correspondence with him in 1937 and 1938 (UEA).


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  • Ian Bent

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