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  • Immanuel Kant


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  • OJ 6/5, [1] Handwritten double letter from Heinrich Schenker and Jenny Kornfeld to Moriz Violin, dated August 18, 1911

    Heinrich and Jenny Kornfeld are in the Sulden Valley, Tyrol. Heinrich writes about his planned refutation of the theories of Hugo Riemann and the need to establish his own theories in Germany; — and about separate accommodation arrangements for Jenny. Jenny writes more somberly about the coming autumn and its difficulties.

  • OJ 15/16, [12] Handwritten letter from Weisse to Schenker, dated December 18, 1912

    Diatribe by Weisse against Otto Vrieslander's plan to produce a simplified version of Schenker's Harmonielehre, impugning Vrieslander's motives.

  • OJ 11/35, 7 Handwritten letter from Halm to Schenker, dated January 20, 1918

    Acknowledges DLA 69.930/2, January 17, 1918. Schenker has accused him of a contradiction, and he concedes it, referring to several of his publications. UE has not responded to his request for review copies of Schenker's works, so suggests a reciprocal exchange.

  • DLA 69.930/3 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Halm, dated February 7, 1918

    Schenker writes scathingly of UE's business practices; describes his counter-tactics, and his experiences over Niloff, Instrumentations-Tabelle. He will read all of Halm's writings and asks for a reading-list

  • DLA 69.930/10 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Halm, dated September 25, 1922

    Acknowledges OJ 11/35, 20 and composition; expects to be able to comment on Halm's Klavierübung in Tonwille 4; reports Leipzig University's decision not to appoint him; speculates on the impact of Kontrapunkt 2 and Der freie Satz; public difficulty in accepting Urgesetze. — Aristide Briand: The importance of being well-read on a topic before commenting in public: Schoenberg and Reger; newspapers. — Maximilian Harden: although faithful to Schenker, Harden had not mastered the topics on which he wrote. — National Govenment: Schenker's publishing plans, including "The Future of Humanity": man's anthropomorphic thinking is a delusion, he needs to adapt to nature, to return to a primitive state, to abandon "development" and "progress" and return to primordial laws; inferior man wants to "govern" (bowel wants to become brain); Schenker deplores "artifice" (French) as against nature (German). — Things French: praises German superiority over French in its joy of work. — Higher Plane: the German should not abase himself before the Frenchman.

  • OJ 10/1, [100] Typewritten letter from Dahms to Schenker, dated April 13, 1927

    His Almanach has been a success but produced no financial return in a hostile environment. — They are leaving Berlin for the south; he has lost faith in German spirit, intellect, and morality.


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