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  • Domenico Scarlatti


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  • OJ 6/7, [19] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated April 10, 1925

    Continuing the story of the ongoing financial battle against Hertzka and Universal Edition, Schenker thanks Violin for providing confirmation of the subscriptions paid for by Max Temming, then recounts that, at a meeting with Hertzka and his bookkeeper, the order-book for Der Tonwille had several pages torn out. Schenker is upset that his lawyer Dr. Baumgarten, though an old friend, is not fully supportive of his position and would prefer seek a compromise with Hertzka; this, Schenker feels, would rob him of much of his hard-earned royalties, especially from the Beethoven sonata edition. He now asks Violin to find a contact – outside Hamburg – who would be willing to order nine copies of Tonwille 1, as evidence that this issue is still in demand, despite Hertzka's claims to the contrary. He has attended a performance of Hans Weisse's Sextet, of which he found the variation movement and the trio section of the scherzo to be the most satisfactory parts.

  • OJ 11/51, [1] Typed letter from Hindemith to Schenker, dated October 25, 1926

    Finding his name mentioned adversely in Meisterwerk 1, Hindemith writes that he has always striven to fulfill in his own work the fundamental truths that are stated in Schenker's books. He encloses two scores, and is convinced Schenker will find the Urlinie in them.

  • OJ 9/34, [10] Handwritten letter from Cube to Schenker, dated January 30, 1928

    Cube reports progress in his class and private teaching, performance of his compositions, his forthcoming lecture; outlines plan for an exhibition in Duisburg to celebrate Schenker's 60th birthday; has heard nothing of Hoboken's "Aufruf."